Going Holme

Call it Adland’s grittier, more artistic version of Little Miss Sunshine. Gary Holme, a 30-year ad industry veteran formerly of Innocean, SapientNitro, Publicis, Y&R, TBWA, and JWT, is about to pile into a Winnebago with two of his four daughters, his girlfriend, two producers and some art supplies to set out on what just might [...]

An Archive of Book Cover Designs and Designers

The Book Cover Archive presents this collection of  book cover designs and designers “for the purpose of appreciation and categorization.” Although it doesn’t appear to have been updated for a couple of years, it has an impressive archive searchable by designer, title, author, art director, photographer, illustrator and more. You can even search by typeface. [...]

Every second on the Internet

In just one second, there are 463 Instagram photos uploaded to the Internet, 1,024 Skype calls made, 3,935 Tweets put out into the universe, and 33,333 Google searches executed. The website  Every Second on the Internet takes a different approach to how data is displayed and processed by using simple infographics . Those stats and infographics [...]

Art Goes Postal

Art Goes Postal offers an archive of postcards from artists to artists about art. The site was founded  last year by Idaho artist, author, curator, educator and public art advocate Mark Johnstone and Montana photographer Marshall Mayer, who rediscovered their 40-year friendship through postcard exchanges that they both had digitized and put online. Now their site is open [...]

Tell us about your career shift

Do you know someone in the visual communications field who has taken an abrupt and interesting career shift (either complete or partial)? Then let us know about him/her (or yourself). Applied Arts Magazine now has a new back page called Career Shift, in which we document these stories. For example, in our first issue of [...]

Happy Birthday, Carl

From type designer and Applied Arts Magazine columnist Rod McDonald: “Canadian design pioneer Carl Dair FGDC, was born on this day 100 years ago in Welland, Ontario. Dair was a huge influence on many of Canada’s finest designers. He was also the designer of Cartier, Canada’s first Latin typeface, released in 1967, Canada’s centennial year. [...]

He didn’t even bother with the Toys “R” Us logo

OK. this one’s been making the rounds, but I’ve never seen a bandwagon I wouldn’t jump on. Cincinnati designer Adam Ladd created this video (“Fresh Impressions on Brandmarks”), where he shows his five-year-old daughter a series of logos. As a testament to the power of media (or her father’s profession), she can recognize, completely or [...]

Najbrt: Pride of Prague

On his Blazing Tuque blog, Toronto branding expert and Applied Arts contributor Will Novosedlik offers a post on Najbrt: Pride of Prague. “Designer Aleš Najbrt (pronounced nigh-bert), is by any measure the most eminent of visual communications designers practising in Prague today. . . ,” writes Novosedlik. “Since 1989, Czech design has recovered well and [...]

Latest Applied Arts Extra e-newsletter is deployed

The latest issue of Applied Arts Extra has been deployed. The biweekly e-newsletter is a great way to keep up with original content on the Applied Arts site and blog, to get  information about the magazine, stay up to date with the various Applied Arts awards programs, and much more. See the latest issue here. [...]