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The 2014 Advertising & Interactive Awards deadline has been extended until April 24!  Don't miss your chance at increased exposure in print and online.

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Student Awards

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Adam Briggs (Capilano University IDEA Program)
Kowalski Frame to Frame

Adam Rogers (SCAD)
The Dapper Dog

Alex Bakker (Capilano University IDEA Program)
Brewery Creek Liquor Store
Brewery Creek Liquor Store
Wall to Wall Sound

Alex Bakker, James Cook (Capilano University IDEA Program)
Detroit Future City

Alex Paillon (Dawson College)

Alfred Lee (SCAD Hong Kong)
Taking Time

Alice Chiapperini, Matteo Capaldi, Bruno Aoki (Miami Ad School)
Ride The Sound

Alice Ware-Harris (Dawson College)

Allison Chambers (Capilano University IDEA Program)
Cite Art + Design + Culture Publications

Amimi Cheng (SCAD)
Hong Kong MTR

Andrew Davis (College of the North Atlantic)

Angela Schneider (Salve Regina University)
March Hare

Anna Bogatch (OCAD University)
Book covers

Anna Dittmann (SCAD)
Bus Design

Antonia Goga (Conestoga College)
Don't Forget to Breathe
Sinaloa-Rosemarie Tissi

Ashley Floreal (Sheridan College)
Reversal of Fortune

Bernardo Canto, Jean Pierre Beauchamp (Miami Ad School South Beach)
Life Changing Journeys

Branko Dundjerovic (Algonquin College)
Reel 2013

Branko Dundjerovic, Josh Herlihey, Corbin Dowd (Algonquin College)
Farm Boy Difference

Brie Pointer, Andres Cuenca (Conestoga College)
Oratio-Terrence Malick

Britt Wilen (Humber College)
Desert Lion

Bronson Call (Brigham Young University)
Animal Control

Caitlyn Kurilich (SCAD)

Caitlyn Neufeld (Capilano University IDEA Program)
Hornby Island Cheese Co.
Hornby Island Cheese Co. Packaging
Organic Acres Egg Packaging

Camille Segur (Capilano University IDEA Program)
Core Values

Candace Potter (Alberta College of Art + Design)
Bass Pro Re-Brand

Cathleen Yang (OCAD University)
The Truth Behind Alien Sightings

Chandra Barnett (Sault College)
Child's Play

Chena San Martín (Vancouver Institute of Media Arts - VanArts)

Chris Dedinsky (Capilano University IDEA Program)
Crate Cars

Chris Plosaj (Algonquin College)
Piccolo's Prime Cuts

Christine Rollins (Sault College)
Modern Landscape

Cindy Esteves (Sheridan College)
"A Fine Line" Dualism - Facade - Fear

Conrad Shen (York/Sheridan Program in Design)
Beetle Identity
Practice Makes Progress

Crystal Wiesner (Humber College)

Cydney Toth (Alberta College of Art + Design)
Once Upon A Midnight Dreary

Cyndey Toth (Alberta College of Art + Design)
Branching Out

Dan Lehman, Erin O'Boyle (Tyler School of Art, Temple University)
Mambo Basi building kit

Daniel Gleiberman, Elena Syrovatkina (Emily Carr University of Art + Design)
A Colorful Guide to Colorblindness

Dante Penman (School of the Photographic Arts: Ottawa)
Argentum et Lux: Lumen

Darbi Nicole (Dawson College)

Darrel Knight (Seneca College)

David Calderon, Ryan Ali, Alex Davila, Ivan Aguilar (Vancouver Film School)

David Nguyen (Université du Québec à Montréal)
Ciné A & Festival Amérasia
Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde

Denise Plauché (SCAD Atlanta)
Baba Yaga

Dhiya Choudary, Pepe Hernandez (Miami Ad School NY)
Virgin On Your Side

Don Cook (Alberta College of Art + Design)
Buddy Bolden

Edward Balli (Mohawk College)
Faces of History

Edwin Lim, Lyndon Navalta, Bobby Ng (Alberta College of Art + Design)
Thick Magazine

Ehsan Mahdizadeh (Langara College)
Violin Luthier

Emilie Gaudreault (Dawson College)
Irony of life

Emily Pedriks (Capilano University IDEA Program)
the Mindless Menace of Violence

Emmanuel Torres, Bekah Herrod, Gage Varga (Mohawk College)

Emmanuel Torres, Gage Varga (Mohawk College)
Coin Magnifier

Erika Dueck (University of Manitoba)
Hidden Dances 9

Eun Ju Lee (Dawson College)

Fanny Roy (Université du Québec à Montréal)
Family Portrait, The Royal Tenenbaums
Le Dépanneur Café

Fiona de Monye (Alberta College of Art + Design)
Cobs Bread Re-Brand

Fiona de Monye, Nicole Gueldenpfennig (Alberta College of Art + Design)
Recess Magazine

Florian Fandrey, Markus Ölschläger (Miami Ad School Europe)
Autism Speaks - Autisticons

Foivi Spyridonos (SCAD)
The Wizard of OZ

Frédéric Dupuis (Université du Québec à Montréal)
Le Grand Tour de Montréal

Gage Varga, Ruth Cachero (Mohawk College)

Gage Varga, Stephen Sandian (Mohawk College)

Gerald Larocque (Ryerson University)
Deus ex Machina

Grace Yoo (Dawson College)
Fine Tuned
Swatchbook About Paper

Guillaume Beaulieu (Université Laval)
Le Kit

Guillem Rovira (LaSalle College of Vancouver)

Hye Jin Chung (School of Visual Arts)
My Job
What are you obsessed with?

Hyojung Julia Seo (York/Sheridan Program in Design)

I-Ying (Annie) Chen (York University)

Irene Osei-Poku (Miami Ad School)
Pulse Alert

Iva Jericevic, Logan Broger (Humber College)
Fiat: Drive Friendly

Jake Blakeley (York/Sheridan Program in Design)
John Jacob Design's Portfolio

James Lee (Humber College)

Janice Barber (Sheridan College)
Eat My Words

Jason Rumpff (SCAD)

Jason Sanders (Cambrian College)

Jennifer Mei (SCAD)
Long Mu

Jenny Bonar (Alberta College of Art + Design)
The Studio

Jesse Hornstein-Goldberg, Iva Jericevic (Humber College)
Etnies. Real Mistakes

Jessi Park-Wheeler (School of the Photographic Arts: Ottawa )

Jessica Ho (York/Sheridan Program in Design)
CURE First Aid Kit

Jessica Liew, Kira Campbell (Humber College / Capilano University IDEA Program)
Shoe Trays

Jessica Marte (Capilano University IDEA Program)
Bau for the Urban Dog

Jiani Lu (York/Sheridan Program in Design)
Window Farms

Jimmy Adtani, Brendon DuVall (Miami Ad School)
PETA Thoroughbred Horses

Jimmy Adtani, Krishnan Karunanidhi, Helena Heras (Miami Ad School)
Nike Versus

Joe Bulawan (Sheridan College)

Jordan Gladman, Dave Fontaine, Laura Cutler, Nicole Bakker (Humber College)
Newfoundland Screech Legends

Julia Hummel (Conestoga College)
Point of Contact

Julia Yellow (SCAD)
A love story

Justin Turco, Janey Tuite, Joel Felker (Mohawk College)
Text and Save

Justine Anweiler (Alberta College of Art + Design)
Brand Identity for Purr
The Literary Classics

Justine Anweiler, Kaewjinda Hataitham (Alberta College of Art + Design)

Kelley McMorris (Academy of Art University)
The Nightmare

Kelsey Hughes, Melanie Gauer (Alberta College of Art + Design)

Kelsey Jankauskas (Tyler School of Art, Temple University)
Sugar Root

Kerstyn Edey (Langara College)
Black On Black

Kevin DeBoer (California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo)
American Forests

Kevin Downs (Tyler School of Art, Temple University)

Kevin Nguyen (Etobicoke School of the Arts)
Bà ngoại / Cậu

Kim Oxlund (Vancouver Film School)
Paper War


Kira Campbell (Capilano University IDEA Program)
Canadian Shipwrecks

Kristina Litvin (Miami Ad School)
Hungry Friends of the Homeless
Self Portrait
The Equestrian Acrobat

Lanny Lightman (Ryerson University)
Looking Through You

Larissa Hsia Wilcock (Vancouver Film School)
Double Bluff

Laura Forbes (Algonquin College)
Spike TV Bumper

Laura Sutphen (Tyler School of Art, Temple University)
Roadfood Festival
Society UnBound Festival

Lindsey Roper (Tyler School of Art, Temple University)
Expressive Hands Alphabet ASL Flash Cards

Lisa Schneller (Academy of Art University)
Grimm's Forest

Lise Misson (Centre de Formation Professionnel Maurice-Barbeau)
Le calme avant la tempête

Luc Bortolotto (Sheridan College)
Return to Earth

Lucas Young (York/Sheridan Program in Design)

Lynden Joudrey (OCAD University)
Dark Forest

Lyndon Navalta (Alberta College of Art + Design)
The Moustace Handbook

Lyndon Navalta, Bobby Ng, Edwin Lim (Alberta College of Art + Design)
Thick Magazine Promotional Videos

Lyndon Navalta, Maria Stoian, Dylan Smith, Christopher Turner (Alberta College of Art + Design)
The 2013 ACAD Portfolio Show

Malina Omut (SCAD)
Event Poster

Maria Stoian, Lyndon Navalta (Alberta College of Art + Design)
ACAD Portfolio Show 2013

Mariko Whitley (Capilano University IDEA Program)
Lavandula Poster

Marilyn Faucher (Université du Québec à Montréal)

Martin Bazyl (Seneca College)

Mary Beth Koeth (Miami Ad School)
Portraits of an Eyewear Collector
The Collector

Matteo Capaldi, Alice Chiapperini (Miami Ad School)
Global Village

Matthew Gordils (Tyler School of Art, Temple University)
Southpaw Circus

Megan Wojtowych (Humber College)
Billybee Rebrand

Melanie Gillam (College of the North Atlantic)
Count Crankepanse and the Curious Cube

Michael Gunder (Sheridan College)
Moirai - A fish Story
The Art of Michael Gunder

Michael Harmon, Sarah Menacho (Miami Ad School)
'Venture off the Grid' by The North Face

Michael McQuaid (SCAD)
America the beautiful
Battle Gig poster

Michael Rurka (New Brunswick College of Craft and Design)
Naive Prowess

Michael Stevenson (Vancouver Film School)

Michele Roy (Centre de Formation Professionnel Maurice-Barbeau)
Passing Through Winter

Michelle Wu (York/Sheridan Program in Design)
Torontonian Ethnoburb

Minsun Eo (Rhode Island School of Design)
RISD Visiting Designers Lecture Series

Minsun Eo, Yoon Jeong Choi (Rhode Island School of Design)
Inspiration from Spencer Finch

Mono(sooeun) Ahn (Sheridan College)
Children Book

Morgan Palmer (Rhode Island School of Design)

Morgan Rose (Conestoga College)
Bread & Butter Organic Bread Packaging
Mies Van Der Rohe Exhibition Series
Moonshine Liquor Series

Mustaali Raj (Capilano University IDEA Program)
Western Muslim Annual Report

Nadia Zheng Photography (Dawson College)

Natasha Shubaly (Capilano University IDEA Program)
Peta Fish Initiative Tote bags

Nate Osborne (Vancouver Institute of Media Arts - VanArts)
Burning Landscape

Nguyen H. Tran (SCAD)
William H Macy

Nicholas Ferreira, Dominik Grejc (Vancouver Film School)

Nick Johnson (Alberta College of Art + Design)
The Deplorable Mr. Barnaby Spends an Evening at Suspirious Manor

Nick Sadek (SCAD)
Deadeye Dick
Eyes on Migraine
Lawrence of Arabia
Squawk Less, Lay More

Nicole Gueldenpfennig (Alberta College of Art + Design)

Nicole Hunt, Brandon Bergem (University of Manitoba)
Warehouse Journal, Volume 21

Nikki Stephens (Alberta College of Art + Design)
Barley Water & Hops

Noah Asanias (Vancouver Institute of Media Arts - VanArts)
Light Dress

Nora Leca (York/Sheridan Program in Design)
A Designer's Arsenal
Why I'm a Gamer

Novita Prasetia (Vancouver Film School)

Olivier Charland, Mathieu Lacombe (Université du Québec à Montréal)
Champion TV

Owen Chen (Vancouver Film School)

Pamela Casey (Tyler School of Art, Temple University)
What Ales Ya?

Patrick Savard-Walsh (Dawson College)
Untitled Social Issue Poster

Patti Lemene (Academy of Art University)
Barker Bees

Paulo Matheus Lacerda (Vancouver Institute of Media Arts - VanArts)

Ricardo Bouyett (Columbia College Chicago)
Traveler's Promise

Robin Lau (SCAD Hong Kong)

Rod Bland (Langara College)

Romain Lasser (Université du Québec à Montréal)

Russell Edling (Tyler School of Art, Temple University)
Homespun Records

Ryan Nicol (Seneca College)
Vices of Hip hop (Drugs, Materialism, Mayhem)

Sam Jiang (Emily Carr University of Art + Design)
Paper Engine Interactive

Samantha Carlberg (SCAD)
Personal Poster

Sandra Inchaurraga (SCAD)
British birds

Sara Borowski (Alberta College of Art + Design)
Au Bon Pain Rebrand
Summer Music Festival Guide

Sara Fardhesari (Concordia)
Parallel Worlds

Sara Panchaud (Conestoga College)
Owen & Marsh Winery

Sarah Surrette (Tyler School of Art, Temple University)
Bikes Across Borders
Process Magazine
Totally Organic

Scott McNeill (George Brown College)
Designed to Travel
Designed to Travel
Designed to Travel
Pilot Pilsner

Seita Goto (Algonquin College)
Debts & Riots

Seth Mach (SCAD)
Botanical Alphabet
Merge Type Puzzle

Seung-Hee Lee (Maryland Institute College of Art)
Mythical Creatures

Shaolei Zhang (Seneca College)
Chinese Zodiac

Shjaane Glover (Sheridan College)

Shu Chen Li (Capilano University IDEA Program)
Mental Illness

Simon Langlois (La Cité Collégiale)
Swing Microbrewery

Simon Maye (Miami Ad School UK)
Flying into the sunset

Soljee Lee (Brigham Young University)
Strawberry Harvest

Soomin Yoo (School of Visual Arts)
Tasty Life

Soomin Yoo, Danny Kim, Kaitlin O'Shaughnessy (School of Visual Arts)
Power of the People

Stephanie Jandris (SCAD)

Stephanie Singleton (OCAD University)
Discarded Imaginary Friends

Stephen Sandian, Marco Buchar, Scott Rodgerson (Mohawk College)
Body Draw

Sterling Richter (Emily Carr University of Art + Design)
Just Another Day in the City

Sue Jean Ko (School of Visual Arts)
Julia Child's Life

Suk Young Won (George Brown College)
Lakia's playing card/s set

Sustai Ulanbaagen (Sheridan College)
legend of the great grassland

Teresa Man (York University)
In Chaos
To Food, with Love

Thomas Beltrame (Cambrian College)
Old Jamaican Ginger Beer Redesign

Tiffany Chan (York University)

Tim Kaminski (SCAD)

Tim Yeung (Cambrian College)
Room to Grow

Treawna Harvey (School of the Photographic Arts: Ottawa)
You leave with the tide

Tricia Zaremba (Sheridan College)

Tyler Rumi (Sheridan College)

Victoria Lo (Alberta College of Art + Design)
Old Hag/ Incubus/ Succubus

XiPing Zeng (SCAD)
Hebe Branding

Yasmine Budirahaju (Ryerson University)

Yuanting Tsai (SCAD)
Everyone deserves a home

Yuqi Guo (Sheridan College)
Mauve, Chandelier & Petticoats