The AACE Awards
Throughout the year, we ensure the winning pieces in our awards annuals are treated equally and without prejudice. If our judges score work at a high-enough level, it's displayed in the book in no particular order. 
But each year, we noticed there is always one entry in every discipline that scores higher than the rest. It's a unanimous, hands-down winner from our judges. In 2012, we came up with a way to recognize this exceptional work separately.
Enter the Applied Arts Creative Excellence (AACE) Award — our most coveted. Every year, we bestow one of these Lucite cubes, designed by our founder Georges Haroutiun, to the highest-scoring entrant in each of our awards disciplines (Photography, Illustration, Design, Advertising and Interactive). To qualify for one of these beauties, simply submit your work to one of our contests — if you win, you could be in the running for an AACE Award. 
The 2016 AACE Award winners will be announced at a private reception in December 2016.
The Young & Student AACE Awards

The Young AACE Awards are presented to the top scorer in the Young Blood categories for each awards program. Young Blood is open to creatives who've worked in the industry for a short time (years worked vary depending on discipline).


The Student AACE Award is awarded to the highest-ranking Student Awards winner. Winners of the Young AACE and Student AACE awards receive a small version of the beautiful AACE cube.


The 2016 Young & Student AACE Award winners will be announced at a private reception in December 2016.

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The 2019 Photography and Illustration Awards Competition is now open! Submit your pieces before January 25 to save on your entry costs!