The May/June Issue is Published!

The May/June 2014 issue of Applied Arts is a sight for sore eyes! Check newsstands now for our psychedelic Photography & Illustration Awards annual, featuring more than 80 pages of winning work. Equally as eye-catching are British illustrator and animator Andy Potts’s brightly coloured drawings, which liven up the pages in “Colour Ways,” our Split [...]

Nov/Dec issue of Applied Arts is published

There’s something “different” about our 2013 November/ December issue. Specifically, the editorial theme delves into professional differences, ranging from differences of opinions to creative differences. Senior writer Kevin Booker, in his feature “Professional Differences” looks at the history of the RGD and GDC and the range of their activities. Long-simmering tensions between the two have [...]

Adding Layars of meaning

“It was on her first Vistek assignment, in the Dominican Republic, that Henrieta Haniskova was first seduced by video. She was supposed to go from resort to resort, taking photos and a video pan of the space. Bored with hotel rooms, she set out to explore the local culture. She filled unused tapes with footage [...]

Sept/Oct issue of Applied Arts is published!

The September/October 2013 issue of Applied Arts Magazine has been judged by our toughest panel ever. The special issue features 130 pages of winners from this year’s Advertising & Interactive Awards, as determined by our demanding panel of industry professionals. They had to work hard to weed through our largest volume of entries ever, with some spectacular [...]

Advertising Awards Winners Announced!

  Our judges (pictured above) have cast their votes and determined the winners of the 2013 Advertising Awards.  The day of judging was a great success, and the feedback of the work that was submitted was outstanding as always.  Cheers to another impressive year of ground breaking work coming from all over North America and [...]

Judging of our 2013 Advertising & Interactive Awards takes place this weekend

The judging of the 2013 Applied Arts Advertising & Interactive Awards takes place this weekend in Toronto. (OK, you caught us. The Interactive judging is actually done online). See the panels of judges here and here.  Winners will be published in the highly-anticipated annual September/October Advertising & Interactive Awards issue, complete with full credits.  They [...]

May/June issue of Applied Arts is published

The May/June 2013 issue of Applied Arts Magazine features the winners of our Photography & Illustration Awards, as judged by our senior panel of creative directors, designers and art directors from across Canada and the United States. Boasting one of the strongest paricipations yet, the issue is a stunning record of some of the most compelling imagery [...]


  “We’re able to collaborate internally in what seems like an infinite number of combinations. This brings energy and different perspectives, keeping ideas and directions fresh. If I could draw right now, I would draw a kitty. Please visualize a kitty.” “If what you’re producing is something you wouldn’t want to share online, then no [...]

Another Trick in the Wall

. . .  At each stage of the process, as we develop in promising new directions, the clients are asked to visit our presentation room, where they will find numerous images posted on the walls. Not surprisingly, we call this technique “The Wall.” The clients have the time to review everything and discuss things among [...]

The Muppet Man

  Michael De Pippo was on the fast track to be creative director at one of Toronto’s largest ad shops, when a pet project for what he calls the “best band ever conceived”—Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem—launched the 31-year-old’s career into an exciting, unknown scene. For those uninitiated into all things Jim Henson, Dr. [...]