Adding Layars of meaning

“It was on her first Vistek assignment, in the Dominican Republic, that Henrieta Haniskova was first seduced by video. She was supposed to go from resort to resort, taking photos and a video pan of the space. Bored with hotel rooms, she set out to explore the local culture. She filled unused tapes with footage [...]

The Post-Nanny Diaries

  Growing up in a walled medieval village, in a centuries-old house located next to the town’s only movie theatre, Henrieta Haniskova spent her Sunday afternoons lost in a world of Czech stop-motion animation fairy tales and Russian sci-fi. She and her family lived frugally in Soviet-era Czechoslovakia. Her dad’s camera, which no one else [...]

Oscar-nominated animator/illustrator Patrick Doyon loves to tell stories

Growing up in a tiny village some 350 kilometres northeast of Montreal in Quebec’s picturesque Lac-Saint-Jean region, Patrick Doyon devoured comic books such as Astérix and Tintin. After moving to Montreal at age 19, Doyon became inspired by European comics—especially ones by French cartoonist Lewis Trondheim—that pushed conventional boundaries and told strong stories. He wanted his work [...]

New Split Run Portfolio: Mark Zibert

Mark Zibert often worries that “every job is my last. I think, ‘Oh man, I’m done, I better enjoy it while I can, because I am washed up now.’” It’s hard to believe the 35-year-old Toronto photographer and director has such anxieties. His portfolio, for big brands (Adidas and Sport Chek) and editorial (enRoute and [...]

Split Run: Drawn to Animation

In Malcolm Gladwell’s Outliers the author describes something he calls “the 10,000-hour rule.” The rule is this: In order to truly excel at anything, whether it’s science or art or sport, you need to put in the time. Ten thousand hours’ worth of time. Assuming you have talent, that’s how long you need to practise your art [...]

Sylvain Dumais turns geek into cool with his photography and animation

For someone who is only 33 years old, Sylvain Dumais has had his fair share of successful careers. Formerly part of Montreal’s indie music scene, he is now an award-winning photographer, director and animator whose clients include Report on Business Magazine, General Mills and Subway. Raised in Chicoutimi, 200 kilometres north of Quebec City, he was, by [...]

The Montreal tag team of Frank Lam & Zema

Split Run is a new portfolio section that uses the power of both print and the Internet. Featuring an original image-maker who does both stills and motion work, the portfolio appears in Applied Arts Magazine and on Pick up the May/June 2012 issue of Applied Arts to see the print portfolio of Frank Lam [...]