Cannes Lions 2014: Is Planning Dead?

The second in a series of guest posts by Brent Nelsen, managing partner and SVP director of planning at Leo Burnett Toronto. Brent is filing from Cannes, France, where he’s attending the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. See his other posts here, here and here. As Mark Twain said in the New York Journal of June 2, [...]

We’re Not Dead Yet

Senior talent has experience, knowledge and perspective. So why does age 50 sound the death knell for the career of the creative professional? By Will Novosedlik The death last week of design icon Massimo Vignelli inspires us to reflect on the length of time a person is likely to survive as a creative professional. Vignelli [...]

One Weird Trick to Making Better Ads

Everything that’s wrong about native advertising should remind us of everything that was right about David Abbott By Suzanne Pope There’s an unending debate on native ads — what we used to call advertorials — but it appears the debate can’t have any winners. Consumers lose because they’re baited into reading something that’s almost never [...]

Unboxing Harry

By Will Novosedlik A foray into men’s grooming reveals important lessons on brand experience Shaving. Some men hate to do it. Others love it. Me, I love to do it. Maybe I have OCD. Or maybe I just don’t like the fact that with more than a day’s growth on my face, I look a [...]

In Praise of the Easy Ask

by Suzanne Pope The hard work of advertising shouldn’t be offloaded to consumers If you’re looking for advice on how to achieve consumer engagement, you could do worse than to study the history of the shopping mall and its inventor, Victor Gruen. Fleeing the Nazis in 1938, Gruen arrived in New York “with an architect’s degree, [...]

Thoughts on a Different Kind of White Space

By Suzanne Pope Any competent art director or designer understands of the importance of white space, of not cluttering up a layout just because the space is there. Good writers understand this, too. If a headline thought can be expressed in eight words, they won’t write fourteen. And if a radio script is too long [...]

Fake Likes and Unwanted Connections

By Will Novosedlik It’s tough being a publicly traded megabrand in the social channels these days. Ever in search of new forms of monetization, both Facebook and LinkedIn are allegedly engaging in some very questionable if not outright fraudulent activity. Facebook was the bigger story last week when a YouTube video by Derek Muller revealing [...]

Creative Licence with Suzanne Pope: The J Word

By Suzanne Pope As much as we hate them, jingles could be poised for a comeback Everyone in advertising cringes at the thought of jingles. Everyone. And those just starting out quickly learn to cringe once they read the advice of Luke Sullivan in his classic text, Hey, Whipple, Squeeze This: “Don’t do jingles. Do [...]

Tears for Google

By Will Novosedlik Back in December, I jumped into an online branding forum about Google’s recent India-Pakistan “Reunion” commercial. The forum owner had blogged about its persuasive powers with awe, freely admitting that it made him cry. With a headline like “New Google Ad Will Make You Cry,” I had to watch the video in question. As [...]

Can vines grow better clients?

  Anyone who’s been in advertising for more than a month knows what it is to get a brief with four or five selling messages in the section that is supposed to have just one. Anyone who’s given even a handful of client presentations knows what it is to argue passionately for the paring down [...]