Apparently the undead prefer their meals fresh

From Brian Howlett, chief creative officer at Agency59, in Toronto:

I wanted to share a different kind of campaign we broke yesterday on behalf of Heart & Stroke Foundation, that is very much not your typical PSA. At the centre is a three-minute Hollywood style horror film, called “The Undeading,” shot by Vincenzo Natali. He is a horror director with a large cult following around the world, who has shot such films as The Cube, Splice and Ginger Snaps. This is his first time filming something commercial and that’s created quite a buzz. In fact, the Space Channel interviewed him last night and aired the whole video, treating it like a mini-movie.

The more interesting parts to the campaign are the social media elements around it. We began seeding the url with an invasion of Nuit Blanche last week. We launched the outbreak yesterday at Dundas Square, and now will follow the survivors of the apocalypse on Twitter as they try to make it from Dundas Square to the Safe Zone at Canada’s Wonderland at the end of this month, where we will attempt to set the Guinness World Record for CPR training.

The microsite and film are at


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  1. Yes, I must have known something was coming… I blogged about the Zombie Apocalypse the day before!
    Great work Brian & everyone at Agency59 (my previous co workers)
    Debbie Horovitch
    Social Media Concierge

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