Trappers and Traders at Trigger

From Shauna Luedtke, designer at Trigger Communications, in Calgary:

Here at Trigger, we’re proudly Canadian, eh? So when it was time to think of an idea for our Christmas party, we put our toques together, cracked open a two-four and came up with a Trappers & Traders theme.

The invitation honours Canada and some stuff that makes Trigger Trigger. An Inuit-inspired totem is made up of a few of our favourite things we use for work and play. Things like Pantone books, computers, Ping-Pong paddles, foosball guys, pizza and, of course, beer. It’s all printed in snow-white onto a 24 x 11-inch sheet of walnut.

Creative Director: Todd Blevins
Associate Creative Director / Art Director: Jonathan Herman
Designer: Shauna Luedtke
Copywriter: Kristin Evans
Production Manager: Cathy Hockenhull
Production: Andre Pierazzo
Printer: Run Digital


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  1. Rock on, you hosers. However, not sure the Inuit ever carved “totem” poles. Being a proud British Columbian as well, I’m pretty sure it was the First Nations of the Pacific Northwest where there are lots of trees that the tradition of pole carving thrived.

    Just sayin’

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