F@*king Awesome Ideas

. . . Now “the idea” seems to be all we talk about at BBDO. Why? What’s changed that’s made it so important? The business, of course, has changed completely and, no news here, it’s driven by media fragmentation and expansion. In the olden days an idea could generally rest comfortably in a TV spot and/or get a mild workout in a “multimedia” campaign involving print and radio as well.

Now the poor little idea is stretched in every possible way. Ideas have to be so strong now. They have to work seamlessly across a multitude of constantly expanding and morphing channels that, often, have to be part of the idea itself. Skittles let you “Touch the Rainbow” by using non-technological touchscreen technology. If I had used that string of words as an account exec in a meeting 20 years ago I would have been fired for insanity. (They did fire me, but for other, completely understandable, reasons.) . . .

Read Peter Ignazi’s  compelete” F@*king Awesome Ideas” article in the March/April issue of Applied Arts, presenting the winners of our first AACE Awards.


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