They’re Jammin

Trendy Liberty Village in Toronto is ground zero for a number of creative agencies. A neighbourhood previously home to warehouses and factories, in recent years it’s been gentrified and creative shops, craving the open-concept spaces and the area’s proximity to cultural hotspots, have swarmed to the area. Jam3 are among them, and they’re at the vanguard of interactive shops producing highly creative, technically astute work.

Jam3 was founded in 2003 by Mark McQuillan (now technical director) and two other partners, following their graduation from Sheridan College’s interactive multimedia program. The other two soon left, opening the door for fellow Sheridan alumni Pablo Vio and Adrian Belina to join as creative partners. The three soon outgrew the apartment above Mark’s garage and moved to a proper office space, quickly outgrowing that as well before moving into their current digs last year.

This is an excerpt of a full-length opinion piece of Jam3. Click here to read the rest.

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