Grey Goes Lonely for Tbooth

Grey have recently released a new TV and online commercial for Tbooth Wireless.

The spot consists of a minute-long video of a twentysomething female wandering empty urban streets, happily lost in her own world as she listens to her music. The kicker, of course, is that Tbooth Wireless make you feel like you’re only person that exists.

It’s an idea that’s been done before — everywhere from post-apocalyptic disaster movies to car commercials — but there is a charm to this piece. Maybe it’s the music, or the setting, or simply the mood I’m in this morning, but I like the spot in and of itself.

My only concern is that, while it works fine for television — and it’s a refreshing change of pace from the dropped-calls-suck-and-fees-suck-more strategy that every other phone-related company or distributor is taking nowadays — it’s too vanilla to make much of a splash online. But maybe I’m being harsh; the sentiment is a nice one that fits into their approach, however cliche it may be.

As Grey explains, “Tbooth wireless launched their television and online spot titled ‘Only You’. The spot focuses on how Tbooth wireless have phones and plans that ‘fit you to a T’, showing a girl walking down empty city streets because ‘when you come to Tbooth wireless, it’s like you’re the only person that exists’”

Click here to visit Grey’s site, and here to visit Tbooth online.

Advertising Agency: Grey Vancouver
Agency website:
Creative Director: Alan Russell
Assistant Creative Director: David Wong
Art Director: David Wong
Copywriter: Alan Russell
Additional credits: Maya Lange (VP, Group Account Director), Genevieve Louden (Account Director)
Production Company: Sparks Production
Director: Paul Santana
Producer: Lynn Bonham
Sound: GGRP Sound
Editorial: JMB Post
Visual Effects: JMB Post

4 Responses to “Grey Goes Lonely for Tbooth”

  1. I really enjoyed this commercial. It might be a repeated concept but they did an excellent job with it. I’ve had the experience they are trying to create, in that setting, and sometimes with similar music. taking that feeling an applying it to a store could be quite inviting to some, but like you I’d be interested in seeing how it could be pulled across to other things.

    Although songs like this will always remind me of that Mac Book Air commercial.

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  3. TBOOTH New commercial with song “Only You”…who sings it?

  4. The song sounds like the local Vancouver band Hey Ocean!
    They’re great check ‘em out.

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