Visual Inclination Documents the Craftmanship of Printing

Visual Inclination printing

Ivan Verlaan of design agency Visual Inclination contacted us recently about his company’s in-house project to re-think their DVD cases and the excellent short film they made about the craftmanship of printing. The company wanted to create a more “designed experience” that would also be more environmentally friendly than the standard slimline jewel cases that they currently used. After some experimentation, they settled on a hexagonal design and added a usable focus chart for cameras on the unfolded interior.

Verlaan then approached the agency’s printer, Flash Reproductions, about creating a video documenting the lengthy and complex production process, in order to showcase the craftmanship that goes into print work. “I knew that it was important to show our clients just how much care, planning and raw labour can go into a print piece,” explained Verlaan. “I wanted to fight the common misconception that sending something to ‘the printer’ is just someone clicking a print button on a much larger desktop printer.” Watch the video of the entire start-to-finish process of creating a custom project below:

Print Craft from Visual Inclination on Vimeo.

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