A Clean Desk

Early this month, my colleague Brian posted some thoughts on Facebook. The one that piqued my attention read: “To my design students: If the firm that wants to hire you has a ‘clean desk’ policy, that’s also a pretty damn good indication to…RUN.”

Upon reading that, I choked a little.

Before I follow through on this thought, I’d like to present two disclaimers: First, Brian is one of the more interesting folks I’ve met, and I don’t mean this post as a personal attack. Second, I generally feel his thinking on this topic to be sound and sensible. Ultimately, he espouses giving staff the option to work in whichever way best suits them. There’s little wrong with that.

To be honest, my argument isn’t really about how clean one’s desk is. (At smashLAB we try to keep our spaces tidy, but don’t have a policy around it—for what it’s worth.) My challenge is more with the notion that there’s a single “right” way for creatives to work. . .

Read the entire post by Eric Karjaluoto, a frequent Applied Arts contributor, on his blog.

2 Responses to “A Clean Desk”

  1. I personally require a clean and organized desk so that I can think clearly. A cluttered desk makes me feel uncomfortable and has the ability to disrupt my thought process.

  2. You send an email which starts off with a few teaser paragraphs (which is good), leading the reader to this article. Then you lead the reader on with one more paragraph leading to yet another website. Please get what you have to say over with and stop making me jump all over the place.

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