Rethink helps launch new Toronto magazine, The Grid, with city-wide art project

Grid Chalk

To help kickstart the launch of Toronto’s new weekly magazine, The Grid, on May 12, Rethink Toronto organized a city-wide art project by equipping 52 artists with 4,320 pieces of chalk and a whole lot of coffee to get them through the night. Early on Wednesday morning, just hours before the magazine’s launch at 6 a.m., the artists descended on the city to create designs with non-permanent environmentally friendly chalk to depict The Grid‘s relationship with the urban landscape and its populace. Chalk art was created in over 20 urban locations, connecting the magazine’s street boxes to each other, as well as to the surrounding environment and merchants. Many of the designs featured tips and Twitter hashtags to encourage social engagement.

In addition to the art project, Rethink also promoted the magazine’s launch through print, digital, out of home and social media. Rethink also created The Grid‘s branding and visual identity, including their logo and street box designs.

“We wanted Toronto to feel more vibrant on the morning of the launch,” says Pema Hegan, managing director of Rethink Toronto. “The Grid connects people to this city in interesting ways, and we felt that this art project really brought that thought to life.”

Watch a video of the artists at work below.

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