Photographer Reena Newman lures art directors with bacon in her new promo piece

Reena Newman promo

Photographer Reena Newman recently sent out a rather unconventional promo piece to formally introduce herself as a “brand” to the art directors, ad agencies and magazines that she hoped to gain some gigs from. To grab these folks’ attention in a unique way, Newman mailed out a small book telling the story of how to make bacon and bacon candy, along with four homemade caramels (two with bacon, and two without, just to cover all of her bases). To complete the package, Newman wrapped each box in butcher’s paper and sealed it with a meat label.

On her blog, Newman talks about how she got the idea for this bacon-filled promotion:

“When I first found out that my friend James (who you may know as my partner in crime for Charcutepalooza) makes his own bacon, I immediately thought: Make your own bacon??! You can do that? What does that even mean? I had to shoot James in action. Soon after we had booked a shoot date, I came across a recipe for bacon caramels…yup, you read that right. That, folks, was the pig-in-the-blanket that began the creative process of designing and executing what I was pretty sure would be a unique promo that would hopefully garner some attention.”

View more of Reena’s work, along with the photos from this promo, on her website.

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