Golden Boy Gets Makeover

Acquired by Tricor Pacific Capital, in 2007, after more than 25 years of private ownership, Golden Boy Foods needed to evolve from its former family-owned image. Recently it turned to Taxi Vancouver for a brand makeover. The agency dug into Golden Boy’s business to find the insights and emotional truths that lay at the heart of their company. It was important for this new positioning to speak directly to food buyers, Golden Boy’s core customers, as well as value-conscious consumers. The resulting positioning, “Golden Boy Foods delivers naturally good foods at a more affordable price,” was the driving force behind the brand identity and packaging system.

“In order to create the new identity, we immersed ourselves into the business, hairnets and all, to understand the internal culture and determine how it changed,” says Chris Zawada, senior designer with Taxi Vancouver, in a press release. “We spent time learning about the psychology of colour as it pertains to food, nature, people and packaging. The grocery aisle is a place where competition is fierce and where food companies duke it out for shelf space and brand prominence. . . . We created a new logo with the accompanying B2B-facing tagline, ‘Naturally better for your business,’ which communicates the natural goodness and affordability of Golden Boy’s products.”

The identity rollout includes a new logo, tagline, stationery, signage, vehicles and a packaging system that can easily be implemented internally by Golden Boy’s in-house design team.



Old logo




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