Vancouver Film School graduate creates animation of his dreams

This animation short, “Prologue: The Recurrent One,”  is created by Andres Tapeton, a graduate of the Classical Animation program at the Vancouver Film School. Vimeo chose the project as a Staff Highlight and it was also shown on the animation site Cartoon Brew.

Of the animation, Tapeton writes: “I’ve been writing dreams sporadically since several years now, and others from even my early childhood that just stucked in my head. I really think dreams is one of the most impressive processes of the human brain, and that say more about the individual than anything else. And as a plus side, they’re freaking fun.

“I think they were the main reason I got into studying animation, I wanted to study film at first, but there’s something about animation. Animation comes really from the inside of the head. And as much as I’d like to get more involved with film, it still needs real, tangible stuff to tell something. Man, animation. You basically just create whatever you need. From scratch. From your head. Like dreams.”

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