Madrid bids for the 20020 Olympics

What Olympic logo doesn’t raise eyebrows these days? Following on the heels of the 2012 London Olympics logo controversy, Madrid, Spain, has caused one of its own, after unveiling its logo for its bid for the 2020 Olympics. Twenty-two-year-old Spaniard Luis Peiret won a contest to design the logo (see below). His script was supposed to say “M20″ but was altered by officials to include an incorrect accent on the ‘i’ of Madrid, removing the colour black, and making the logo look like it reads 20020, by cutting off the lower half of the lettering.

The Madrid 2020 website says the logo represents the Alcala Gate, which is a Madrid landmark – “with five arches in red, yellow, blue, green and purple, over which it is written a letter ‘M’ and the number 20.”

For many Spaniards and designers the logo represents a fiasco.  According to Spanish newspaper El Pais 81 per cent of voters reacted negatively to the logo, replying “not at all” when asked how much they liked the design. And if this weren’t enough, a Madrid manufacturer of  gay toys claims the logo steals from its design (bottom).

[Nod to Logo Design Love]

Luis Peiret's original logo design.

Notice in this design for a Madrid gay toy maker the colours on the figures' heads and the Alcala Gate in the background.

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