To All Awards

If this is your first time entering this year, please review all sections below. Some rules have changed.


These awards are now closed.

We do grant short extensions, but we cannot guarantee one. You should therefore attempt to have your entry finalized by the deadline date.


The contest is open only to companies, studios and freelancers operating in Canada.

It is open to all forms of commissioned, published, unpublished and personal work from professionals and enthusiasts created between January 2016 and December 2016. The population of your community determines your eligibility, and you may select one of the following to enter:

*This category is for those professionals or firms who service neighbourhood and local clients in larger cities. If you are working on national campaigns for national or large corporate clients, enter the other professional awards programs in Photography, Illustration, Design or Advertising.

Your work will be judged against other entries in your population grouping.

Eligibility FAQ

What’s my population? Use Google, Wikipedia or your town’s official website to get an estimate on your town’s population. We trust that you will choose the most accurate category you can, and we reserve the right to move your work to a more fitting population category if there is a discrepancy. Getting in the right population category means your work will be compared to other work in your market size, so it serves you to be as close to precise as possible. While by no means exhaustive, here’s an example list of some population centres across Canada.

Can students enter? No. Students may enter the Student competition.

Do I need to get the rights of the subjects in my work? Although you do not need to send us a copy of release forms, we do suggest that you get them. If your work is chosen you will need to grant us the rights to reproduce the image or images for both our online and print publications, so you would most likely need to have these rights in place to protect yourself. Entrants that come back to us requesting we don’t run their winning work because they don’t have the rights will not be refunded for their entry.

Entry Fees

Single: $50
Series (up to 3 images): $75
Entire Program or Campaign: $100


For the full list of Community categories, download our Community Category PDF, or for all Applied Arts Awards categories, download our Comprehensive Category PDF.

Categories FAQ

Can I enter a piece in multiple categories? Yes. In your account on the My Entries page, click “Submit in another category” on any entry you have created. A duplicate entry will be created with all the same information. Just be sure to change the discipline and entry category to the new one you want to apply to.

Which category does my entry belong in? Often the best way to understand a category is to see previous work that won in that category. This is the first year for the Community categories, but similar categories exist in our other disciplines. Check our Winners Gallery for examples. If you still have questions regarding our categories or require assistance in selecting the appropriate category, please contact our awards coordinator at 416-510-0909 x27 or

Is my entry a single or a series? A single means one piece, and series means you are submitting more than one piece of the same project to a maximum of three. If an entry contains more than three images, the three that are to be judged must be identified.


Once you pay for your entries, credits are FINAL. You have the opportunity to work on your entries, save and log out if you are still collecting credit information. Only proceed with payment once your credits and descriptions are complete.

We will reproduce these credits in the magazine and in our online winners gallery alongside your winning image(s). Credits will be reproduced in the order that you specify. Review your credits and their sort order carefully! Only the first 6 credits will appear in print, whereas all of your credits will appear online.

After the time of payment, credits will not be changed so please carefully review titles, spellings and contact information.

Judges & Scoring

Applied Arts contests are judged by panels of highly regarded industry professionals and experts, in a rigorous process. Every entry is scored independently, based on creative merit, technical excellence and suitability for end use. Discussion is not permitted and judges must abstain from voting for their own work. Judging for Community takes place in January and is entirely online. Entries that meet our pre-determined cut-off score are published.

Andrew Benson
Design Director
FREE Branding & Digital
Edmonton, AB

Andrew Benson is a Certified Graphic Designer (CGD) with 12 years' experience in brand development, advertising design and illustration. Currently, he is the design director at FREE Branding & Digital, an instructor of printmaking and board member for the Graphic Designers of Canada Alberta North and the Society of Northern Alberta Print Artists.

John deWolf
Dartmouth, NS

Interdisciplinary designer John deWolf has worked in various mediums including print, interactive, broadcast, exhibition, environmental graphic design, and interior design. John has an extensive background in analyzing and deconstructing complex structures and designing understandable and accessible communication systems, particularly for public audiences.

Robert Dodds
President & Creative Director
Primal Communications Ltd.
Nanaimo, BC

Robert is president and the creative director of Primal Communications, which he co-founded in 1994. He is an international award-winning designer, past BMX Freestyle Professional with numerous national and international titles and a World Title as part of Team North America to his credit. Robert is the current president of his Rotary club, and, at 48 years old, he can still do the splits…seriously, buy him a beer and he'll prove it!

Melody Dover
President + Creative Director
Fresh Media
Charlottetown, PEI

Melody Dover is the president and creative director of Fresh Media, an award-winning creative agency based in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. Along with providing an array of creative services to clients, Fresh Media is also the company behind the multi-million dollar successful PEI Burger Love campaign.

Dean Fleck
Creative Director
Bravo Tango
Regina, SK

With two decades of design experience under his belt, Dean has proven himself as a force to be reckoned with. After spending more than a decade honing his design skills in some of Saskatchewan's largest agencies, Dean followed his heart to a smaller boutique agency where his creativity has been unleashed as a creative director. During his time in the industry, Dean has built a reputation as one of the province's most talented art directors, helping to craft some of the most memorable and visually compelling brands around.

Along with an ever-expanding collection of graphic tees, Dean has also amassed an impressive number of design awards. His work has been featured in numerous publications, including Creativity Annual 33 and Applied Arts. Beyond his talent and industry accolades, Dean is also known for his kind, humble nature and unwavering dedication to his family.

Kevin Pott
Creative Director, Web Developer & Associate
Cinetic Communication Marketing
Trois-Rivières, QC

A visionary and highly creative, Kevin has more than 16 years of experience in design and new media. He masters design in all of its aspects, including UI/UX, interactive media and new technologies. He is very involved in the community and in the Chamber of Commerce of Trois-Rivières.

Ted Rouse
Takedanger Design
Port Hope, ON

Ted Rouse is the owner/director/designer at Takedanger Design, a one-man design stand in beautiful Port Hope, Ontario, designing creative communication pieces for entertainment and cultural organizations. He likes getting his hands dirty, reading a lot of comics, and has a cat named Greta and a dog named Gobo.

Bob Russell
Collective Arts Brewing
Hamilton, ON

Bob Russell is the co-founder of Hamilton, Ontario–based Collective Arts Brewing, a grassroots beer company fusing the craft of brewing with the inspired talents of emerging artists and musicians. The brewery is dedicated to promoting artists and raising creative consciousness through the sociability of craft beer. Bob lives in Vermont with his wife Jess, their dogs Ramble and Rider, along with Owsley the cat. Bob is passionate about design and creativity, modern architecture, veganism, mountain biking and skiing.

Barry Smith
Partner & Creative Director
Thunder Bay, ON

Originally from Edmonton, Barry worked in Toronto and then settled in Thunder Bay in 1987. Since then, Barry has been plying his trade as partner and creative director at Generator Insights/Strategy/Creative. As a member of the Association of Registered Graphic Designers of Canada (RGD), Barry's experience includes advertising, graphic design, production and media.

Jenny Smith
President & Creative Director
Ray Agency
St John's, NL

With 20 years in the business, Jenny has won hundreds of creative and results-based awards and has judged every regional and national award show in Canada. In 2009, she sat on the Cannes radio jury. In 2013, Jenny launched her own agency in St. John's. To remain sane, Jenny likes to cook, garden and drink vodka martinis.

Jim Hudson
Hudson Creative Agency
Moncton, NB

President of Hudson Graphic Design Limited (operating under the name Hudson Creative Agency), Jim is one of Atlantic Canada's leading graphic designers and marketing professionals. A visual communications graduate of the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, Jim has more than 36 years experience in conceptual development, communications and marketing for regional, national and international clients. A professional CGD member of the Society of Graphic Designers of Canada, he is the recipient of several design awards throughout his lengthy career. A master problem solver, Jim's creative approach to visual design, marketing and advertising, have made this award-winning designer among the most respected in Atlantic Canada.

Frank Wehrmann
Agency Management Coach & Creative Director
6P Marketing
Winnipeg, MB

Frank helps small agencies develop potent internal and customer-facing, brand-building communications in traditional, on- and off-line media channels.  With more than 30 years of international, US and Canadian ad agency media, account and creative director experience, Frank provides international agency thinking to regional ad agencies and brands.

Preparing & Submitting Entry Material

Entering is easy with the following five steps.

Step 1: Create an Account

When you click Enter Now at the top of this page, you’ll be asked to Create an Account with an email and password. This account will be used to manage all of your entries. Once you’ve created that account, you can create, edit and pay for entries on the My Entries page.

Step 2: The Entry Form

ALL entrants must complete an online entry form, regardless of payment or material submission method, to be eligible for entry.

On the main My Entries page, click on “Submit a new entry in one of the awards.” You can then select which award program you’ll be entering, and have the chance to review this FAQ information. When you’re ready, click the Enter Now button below or at the top of the page.

For series entries, only ONE form needs to be submitted per series. Please put all the titles in the “Title” field, separated by a slash between each. If you are entering an image as both a Single and as part of a Series, a new entry must be created with only the image you want judged.

Step 3: Review Your Credits and Entries

Review your credits before making final payment, to be sure all information is accurate, or save and come back at a later date to add more entries.

NOTE: We now require complete credits at the entry stage. This information will be used in both the magazine and in our Winners’ Gallery online if your entry is chosen as a winner. Credits will be reproduced in the order that you specify, so please be sure to review this information carefully. Only the first 6 credits will appear in print, with all credits appearing online, so the order matters. See the “Credits” section above for more information.

Step 4: Acceptable Formats & File Submission

The Community program will be published in the first issue of 2017 so we require high-res files on entry. Download the Community Requirements PDF for specs and file submission nomenclature.

Step 5: Upload your File

Once you have completed the entry form, follow the file upload instructions in the above Requirements document. Hard-copy entries are not accepted for this competition.

Single Entry – One image or video file
Series entry – Up to three images or videos

Entry Material FAQ

Can I submit a hard copy or disk? No. We accept digital entries only for this competition. Entering is quick and easy, with entry, file upload and payment completed in a few simple steps.

The program crashed. Did I lose everything? Logging into My Entries page, you will have the opportunity to submit additional entries. This will simply generate a new confirmation email when you complete your entries with payment.

How do I know if you’ve received and retrieved my material? You will receive a confirmation email acknowledging that the awards coordinator has received and downloaded your files.

The Community Awards require hi-res on entry. Download the Requirements PDF.

Payment & Refunds

Payments can be made by Visa, MasterCard or American Express (we are accepting Amex on Canadian payments only at this time). For U.S. and foreign entries, submit fees in US funds.

If you require an alternate payment method, we can only accept cheque or money order in special circumstances. These cases must be pre-approved by Applied Arts. Contact Vicki at with your request.

If you are entering a piece as both a Single and as part of a Series, ensure there are two entries on the My Entries page — one for the Series and one for the Single. Please keep a record of your submissions.

Payment FAQ

Can I submit more entries after paying? Logging into My Entries page, you will have the opportunity to submit additional entries. This will simply generate a new confirmation email when you complete your entries with payment.

Can I get a refund? Entries are non-refundable; costs cover administration, processing and the judging of the entry. A submission of entry acknowledges acceptance of these rules.

My client has revoked the right for me to enter work I’ve already paid for. We do not issue refunds, but please contact the awards coordinator if you need the entry removed from the judging or winners’ pool.

I’m getting error messages when I try to pay. If you entered your payment information incorrectly on your first attempt, any subsequent attempts will be declined, even if you change your payment type. Please close your browser and log back in to My Entries using the e-mail address that appears on your entry form. You should now be able to proceed with payment. If you continue to experience difficulties, please contact our customer service at 416-510-0909 x 21.

I want to change something after I’ve paid. Once an entry is paid, you cannot change the category, entry format or credits. A paid entry is final, so make sure you submit your entry and come back to it if it’s not final before proceeding to the payment fields.


All entrants will be notified in January 2017 via email and their submitted hi-res entries will be used for reproduction in the Community annual. Winners' certificates will be mailed separately, after the Community annual is published in March.

Winners FAQ

What do winners receive?

What rights do I retain if my work is chosen? You retain all rights of your images. If selected, you will need to grant us the rights to reproduce the image or images for both our online and print publications.

My client has revoked the right for me to enter work I’ve won for. We do not issue refunds in these cases, but please contact the awards coordinator if you need the entry removed from the winners’ pool.


Questions? If you’ve checked all of the above sections and cannot find the answer to your question, or if you are having difficulty entering, contact our awards coordinator at, or 416-510-0909, ext. 27 (outside Toronto: 1-800-646-0347).


Applied Arts is not responsible for damage or loss of any entry. Applied Arts cannot return entries. Applied Arts cannot guarantee the acceptance of entries received after the deadline. Applied Arts reserves the right to publish or exhibit entries in print or electronic formats, for use in the magazine or related promotions. Applied Arts assumes all entries are original and the property of the entrant, with all rights granted therein. Entries are non-refundable; costs cover administration, processing and the judging of the entry. Applied Arts requires entrants to provide full and final credits at the point of entry. A submission of entry acknowledges acceptance of these rules. All descriptions and credits are subject to be edited for length, clarity and grammar in accordance with the Applied Arts editorial style guide.