3rd Annual AACE Awards Finalists' Gallery

February 6, 2015


If in doubt about the work that was in 2014, just look at the shortlisted work for the most recent AACE Awards. Excellence abounds


We close off our 3rd Annual AACE Awards coverage with our finalists' gallery, a proper salute to the best work of 2014. We can't wait to see what you have in store for us next year! The work that appears below was featured on our display panels at the AACE Awards party, held January 27, 2015 at The Hoxton in Toronto.


Below are images from the top-scoring AACE finalists. The names of our other finalists are also included. To view the full winning entry, click on any finalist's name.


Design AACE Finalists


Nova Series, Le Quartanier. Collectif Pointbarre, Montreal (Design Miscellaneous)



Panda Cups. Cundari, Toronto (Announcements/Invitations/Cards/Kits)




Nike Fleece TECH PACK Book. MET Fine Printers, Vancouver (Craft Printing)



Amola Salt Branding & Packaging. arithmetic creative, Vancouver (AACE Winner; Food Packaging)



Illustration AACE Finalists



Rest Day. Brian Fitzgerald, Ireland (Editorial Section Illustration)



Relish 2014. Jessa Dupis (zando & dot), Edmonton (Complete Calendar Illustration)


Portrait 1-2-3. Pol Turgeon, Montreal (Portrait Illustration)



Life Under Russia's "Gay Propaganda" Ban. Sébastien Thibault, Matane QC (AACE Winner; Editorial Section Illustration) 


  • Azalaï Greeting Card Collection by Vigg. Vincent Gagnon, Montreal (Retail Applications)

  •  Learn from Failure. Magoz, Bristol UK (Conceptual Illustration)

  • 5 Story Building, Ricardo Muñoz, Long Island NY (Unpublished/Personal Illustration)
  • FREE Wall Mural. Jill Stanton, Edmonton (Miscellaneous Illustration)
  • Tame Your Tongue. Mohamed Danawi, Savannah GA (Unpublished/Personal Illustration)
  • Arctic Fire. BBDO Toronto (Advertising Illustration)
  • The Journey of Little Grey. I Chao Wang, Lincoln Park NJ (Unpublished/Personal Illustration)
  • Coq Rico. Shane, Montreal (Complete Book Illustration)
  • La Presse+ Advent Calendar. Julien Chung Designs, Longueuil qc (Complete Calendar Illustration)


Photography AACE Finalists


 Lance Mackey. KC Armstrong, Toronto (Self-Promotion Photography)



 Fire in the Sky. Michael David Adams, Brooklyn NY (Fashion & Beauty Photography)



160 Girls Project. Peter Andrew Lusztyk, Toronto (Public Service/Charity Photography)



Health in Africa. Warren Zelman Photography, Montreal/Vancouver (AACE Winner; Photojournalism Photography)


  • Ziploc Space Bag. Pierre Bourjo, Toronto (Advertising Photography)
  • Balloons. Adrian Armstrong, Toronto (Advertising Photography)
  • Choose One. GREY, Toronto (Advertising Photography)
  • Diver in the Desert. John Keatley, Seattle WA (Conceptual Photography)
  • Le Lait. David De Stefano, Montreal (Food Photography)
  • Sewing Machine/Typewriter/Fan. Leo Burnett, Toronto (Advertising Photography)
  • Capsule Music. Craig Samuel, Toronto (Complete Book Photography)
  • Golden Girl. Sarah Dea, Dubai (Photojournalism Photography)


Advertising AACE Finalists


Passport Beer Fridge. Rethink, Toronto/Vancouver (Experiential/Event)



Surrender Your Say. Saatchi & Saatchi, Toronto (Public Service/Charity)



ExFEARiential. john st., Toronto (AACE Winner; Agency Self-Promotion)


  • Budweiser Red Zeppelin. Anomaly, Toronto (Billboard)
  • The Beetle 3-Track. Red Urban, Toronto (Branded Content)
  • Mazda Massive Test Drive. JWT Canada, Toronto (Non-Traditional)
  • There’s a Page for That. Leo Burnett, Toronto (Newspaper)
  • Ice Truck. Taxi Canada, Toronto (Non-Traditional)
  • Magic Powers. lg2, Montreal (Out-of-Home)
  • Kringl — The Proof of Santa Mobile Application. Zulu Alpha Kilo, Toronto (Non-Traditional)
  • Missing Kids Stamps. Lowe Roche Advertising, Toronto (Out-of-Home)


Interactive AACE Finalists


The Echo Project. DARE Toronto, Toronto (Consumer Products)



Unite All Originals Run DMC x A-Trak. SID LEE, Montreal (Craft — Art Direction)



Kringl. Zulu Alpha Kilo, Toronto (Augmented Reality)



Passport Beer Fridge. Rethink, Toronto/Vancouver (AACE Winner; Online Single)


  • The Devil’s Toy Redux. Deux Huit Huit, Montreal (Craft — Cinematography)
  • Performance Court Video Wall. Cineplex Digital Solutions, Waterloo ON (Experimental/Artistic)
  • The Story of i. MacLaren McCann, Toronto (Craft — Music)
  • The World’s Most Valuable Project. GREY, Toronto (Online Campaign)
  • Surrender Your Say. Saatchi & Saatchi, Toronto (Online Campaign)
  • WestJet Christmas Miracle. studio m & WestJet XM, Toronto (Craft — Editing)
  • LAX — Data Cloud. Moment Factory, Montreal (Offline Digital)
  • Walk Off Your Poutine. lg2, Montreal. (Online Campaign)


Student AACE Finalists


Coffee Propaganda. Hyun Ji A,J. Bae, Janice Ahn, Zach Eastburg, Yoon Lee, Art Center College of Design, Pasadena CA (Digital Character Animation)



Montreal Racket Club. Marie-Andrée Pelletier-Cyr, Université du Québec à Montréal (Complete Design Program)

Route 6. Michael Strasky, Alberta College of Art and Design, Calgary (Complete Book Design)



Change. Angela Pan, Sheridan College, Toronto (AACE Winner; Digital Animation)


  • Puzzle Façade. Javier Lloret, University of Arts and Industrial Design Linz (Digital Visual Effects)
  • route 6. Rachel Park, Alberta College of Art + Design, Calgary (Complete Book Design)
  • Chicago Blues. Justine Rudnicki, York/Sheridan Program in Design, Toronto (Design)
  • The Feast. Adrian Taylor, Alberta College of Art + Design, Calgary (Illustration)
  • Unordinary Journey in an Ordinary Day. Yoshino Aoki, Concordia University, Montreal (Digital Animation)
  • Fetch. Cole Derochie, Vancouver Film School (Mobile)
  • World Expo 2025 Website. Jake Blakeley, York/Sheridan Program in Design, Toronto (Website Design)
  • Free Time. David Jones, Tyler School of Art, Philadelphia PA (Design)
  • Marea Short Film. Medini Natalia Cardenas, SCAD, Savannah GA (Design)


Young AACE Design Finalists


 HWBP Brand Identity. Wunderman, Toronto (Young Blood Complete Design)



Visual Language. Jiani Lu Design, Toronto (Young Blood Design) 



Bamboo City. Cindy Marie Habana & Kareem Halfawi, JWT Canada, Toronto (Young AACE Winner; Young Blood Design)


  • Nowhere. BBDO Toronto (Young Blood Design)
  • McCain Kids Table. Taxi Canada, Toronto (Young Blood Design)
  • CBC Music Magazine. CBC Music, Toronto (Young Blood Design Digital Magazine)
  • The Fingerprint of Helvetica. Kyuha Shim, London UK (Young Blood Typography)


Young AACE Illustration Finalists


Giraffe. Barbara Graetzer, Brooklyn NY (Young Blood Illustration)



Ozali. Mélanie Jutras, Mascouche QC (Young Blood Illustration)



Owl's Hole. Typhaine Le Gallo, Montreal (Young AACE Winner; Young Blood Illustration)


  • Rat-Dove. Chihwang Park, West New York, NJ (Young Blood Illustration)
  • Tea for the Missionaries. Joanna Gorham, Bainbridge Island WA (Young Blood Illustration)
  • My Country. My Home. Joanna Sevilla, Mississauga, ON (Young Blood Illustration)
  • Conceal. Stephanie Singleton, Toronto (Young Blood Illustration)
  • Hillary Clinton/Sonia Sotomayor/ Elizabeth Warren. Lori Klopp, Astoria NY (Young Blood Illustration)


Young AACE Photography Finalists


CORRECTION: All of the finalists listed on this page had their work included on the display panels at the AACE Awards. While we do our best to ensure no one is overlooked on the panels, we inadvertently missed Young AACE Photography finalist Carina Yu and her work "A Brief Glimpse of Iceland." We've included her piece below. We deeply regret the error.


A Brief Glimpse of Iceland. Carina Yu Photography, Toronto (Young Blood Photography)



Ice in Iceland III. Lodoe Laura Photography, Toronto (Young Blood Photography)



Communication. Wyatt Michalek Photography, Kitchener ON (Young Blood Photography)



Failed Hunter. Jason Gordon Photography, Toronto (Young AACE Winner; Young Blood Photography)


  • Smoking Tub. Chandra Barnett, Sault Ste. Marie ON (Young Blood Photography)
  • Fromagerie Au Gré des Champs. Virginie Gosselin, Montreal (Young Blood Photography)
  • Ginger. Julie Francoeur, Lasalle QC (Young Blood Photography)
  • The Great Cathedral of Milan. Parham Yazdy, Montreal (Young Blood Photography)


Young AACE Advertising Finalists


Flying Unidentified Planetarium. MacLaren McCann, Toronto (Young Blood Advertising)



Once More: The Story of VIN 903847. Red Urban, Toronto (Young Blood Complete Advertising Program)



Surrender Your Say. Rachel Kennedy & Shauna Roe, Saatchi & Saatchi, Toronto (Young AACE Winner; Young Blood Complete Advertising Program)


  • Bonus. lg2, Quebec City (Young Blood Television)
  • Eat Your Words. Grip Limited, Toronto (Young Blood Complete Advertising)
  • Walmart Flyer Pajamas. JWT Canada, Toronto (Young Blood Advertising)
  • Popsicles. BBDO Toronto (Young Blood Advertising)



Young AACE Interactive Finalists


Surrender Your Say. Saatchi & Saatchi, Toronto (Young Blood Interactive)



Friend Compass. McCann London, London UK (Young Blood Interactive)



Once More: The Story of VIN 903847. Liam Johnstone & Sarah Di Domenico, Red Urban, Toronto (Young AACE Winner; Young Blood Interactive)


  • Let It Snow. JWT Canada, Toronto (Young Blood Interactive)
  • Instagram Time Machine. Cossette, Toronto (Young Blood Interactive)
  • Farm Like This, john st., Toronto (Young Blood Interactive)
  • Eat Your Words. Grip Limited, Toronto (Young Blood Interactive)

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