Shortlist: Black Lake Media, Interactive Young AACE

November 10, 2015


All Sorts Press: Letterpress Printing
All Sorts Press: Letterpress Printing

Check back daily until the Young AACE and Student AACE Awards presentation later this month to hear from two different shortlisted nominees. 


Black Lake Media


Category: Interactive Young AACE


Nominated for: All Sorts Press: Letterpress Printing (featured in top slider)


Name: Till Schliemann


Age: 23


Position: Co-founder and Director, Black Lake Media


Years in Business: One


Art School: Sheridan College


Recent Honours: Applied for three categories at the 2015 Applied Arts Interactive Awards, and won all three. Winning categories were: Online Video, Cinematography, and the Young Blood Interactive award.


Inspired By: I draw inspiration from a variety of things; from the life of my parents and grandparents, architecture, history, religious imagery, to my partner and her jewellery designs. However, in my profession, my biggest inspirations are the works of Terrance Malick, Werner Herzog, along with films from the 1940s-1950s.


Most Important Thing You’ve Learned About the Business: Never undersell yourself. Once you are known for producing quality work for a cheap price, clients start to expect that number from you constantly. To burst out of that bubble and demand the correct pay can be very difficult for young artists.


What Makes Your Work Yours: I get really involved with my work and tend to let my emotions control my creativity, rather than getting too caught up with too much methodical planning. I do enjoy, and appreciate, carefully planning out a piece of work, but to really make it personal and honest I let myself drown in the emotions so that the piece will touch the viewer in some form.


Where You Want to Be in 10 Years: My partners and I plan to expand our business overseas, so that we have a presence in both North America and Europe. We’re currently working with a few clients in the UK, and have some connections in Germany that will help our pursuit in getting established in Europe. We also plan on being a creative force in the music video industry, and to have worked on our own independent feature films in the next 10 years.


Impressions of Burundi


Impressions of Burundi


Impressions of Burundi


Make a Mil - Cover Art


Granite Dreams


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