Format Launches Kredo, a Portfolio App

January 23, 2015



We all know putting together a portfolio is a lot of work. If you’ve been dragging your feet creating one, or if yours is in dire need of a facelift, this new iPad app may be just what you need.


With the launch of Kredo, Format brings to tablets the same visual sensibility in its minimalist, web-based portfolio templates. The free app, released yesterday, allows creative professionals to present their best work on the crystal-clear iPad retina display backed by an easy-to-use navigation system.


“Many creatives we interviewed have tried to migrate from a printed portfolio to another iPad app and found that it failed at being reliable or providing the solution they needed,” writes Lukas Dryja, Kredo CEO, to Applied Arts in an email. “Our goal was to reinvent the traditional printed portfolio and create a beautifully designed, innovative application that creatives can depend on when presenting their work.”


He cites the app’s lengthy phase in user testing as one of the reasons for its simplicity: professionals can update their Kredo portfolio using, Dropbox, iPad Photo Library or their computer; the in-app Discover Network acts as an international virtual network where creative professionals can connect, like and share high-quality work with one another; searches can be filtered by geographical region or specialization; and the app performs as a presentation tool for different types of meetings, from one-on-one to multi-person, using the iPad or an external display.



The format also allows a certain portability that a regular portfolio website cannot, says Dryja. “It’s mobile — you can take and edit your portfolio anywhere, even without an Internet connection,” he says. “In maximizing the iPad’s retina screen, Kredo allows you to zoom in to the finest of details, making it important to use high-quality imagery.”


The Kredo name, says Dryja, is a play on the original spelling of credo, or a personal set of beliefs that influences behaviour. “We thought the definition is spot on with the underlying goals of the application we wanted to create,” he says. “We wanted to drive behaviours — making it easy for a creative professional to share and promote their work — and allow that same user to leverage the wisdom of the community.”


Kredo is available on the App Store.











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