Is That The Name of Your Agency, or Are You Just Happy to See Me?

August 24, 2015



It’s the self-promo site heard ’round the world — with reach to 150 countries and media coverage in Russia and Japan, 88 Creative’s titillating is getting people quite, er, excited.


The SFW site asks users to determine whether a name is one of an ad agency, or the title of a porn movie. Guess right and you’re rewarded with a sensual “oh, yeah” (tip: if you’re actually at work, turn your volume down low or don some headphones. Or don’t — it’s way more amusing to watch coworkers squirm.)


More than 60,000 unique views later, the interactive game has been a real boost for the 11-person digital marketing shop in Toronto.


“We don’t have a huge marketing budget, so we’re always trying to come up with ways to show off our creativity,” says Erin Bury, 88 Creative’s managing director. She’s referring to the agency’s previous viral hits: the “Missing: Rob Ford” posters and “Would You Fit in at 88 Creative?”, a Buzzfeed quiz for new recruits.


“Those were flukes where we did something fun and they got picked up,” Bury says. “So we started thinking, what if we actually put in some thought and did a campaign specifically for people in the advertising, marketing and communications industries?”


The plan is to use the site as a case study for future creative partnerships. “We get most of our clients through referrals, case studies and organic search,” she says. “So it wasn’t about getting new clients, but showing existing clients that we are creative and that we have a sense of humour.”


The team began by brainstorming what they could do that would make a lot of impact. “Someone mentioned an agency, which will remain nameless, in the business. Someone else said it sounded like a porn star name. Then we started wondering, how many other agencies out there have names that sound like porn stars, or porn movies?” Bury says.


Senior designer Cory Ingwersen developed the look of the pink microsite, which features images of retro cameras, notebooks and fairly innocuous sexual paraphernalia. He spent the better part of a week researching porn movie titles on IMDB (who ever said research is a bore?). The list of agency names that could double as raunchy films was more challenging to curate, but in the end, 72 agency names and 72 movie titles made the cut.


That makes at least 144 possible Agency or Porn questions — with more added as agencies request to be included. “We originally thought that agencies who were featured would be mad, but it’s the opposite!” says Bury. The project, originally intended to run for one month, has been extended indefinitely.


88 Creative is also using as a recruitment tool — several recent candidates have mentioned their appreciation of the site in interviews. Those that share the same sense of humour are people who would fit in at the agency, says Bury. “We focus not just on the client, but on creating a great culture in our company.”



Project Lead: Cory Ingwersen, Senior Designer, 88 Creative

Site Development: Ryan Krieg, Freelance Designer & Developer 




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