All You Really Need is Weed

March 30, 2016



Toronto-based creative agency Blackjet has decided to add something quite interesting to their employee benefits package in order to attract the best talent in today’s competitive marketplace.


Blackjet recognizes that there is a lot of competition in the business and they are willing to think outside the box and amp up their employee’s benefits in order to find superior talent.


The agency has decided to offer up an incentive that they knew millennial’s simply couldn’t resist: free pot.


Yes, you read that right.


These days, finding incredible talent can be a challenge due to tech giants and start up companies offering great perks that can often charm employees.


Whether you call it marijuana, cannabis, weed, ganja, hemp, dope or Mary Jane, you can get it for free, courtesy of Blackjet.


The agency realizes that laws are changing in the United States and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is working on changing the laws here in Canada. Blackjet figured they’d get a head start with its new benefits package.


When it’s been decided that weed isn’t a criminal offence in Ontario, the agency will start dispensing cannabis right next to its beer fridge! In addition, Blackjet will also be installing a new snacks dispenser, well, because you’ll need something to satisfy the munchies.


“We’ll do whatever it takes to not only attract the best talent, but create the best environment in which to foster their creativity,” says Rob Galleta, partner at Blackjet Inc. “Sometimes people need a little extra inspiration and we’re happy to provide it.”


The team is even looking into some extensions such as brownies and cookies.


The decision to add this new incentive to Blackjet’s employee benefits package was not easy. It was informed by one key insight and achieved through a number of focus groups with Blackjet staff, most of whom are actually millennials.


This agency has proved that it’s definitely the place to be, not only because of their incentives, but also because the team at Blackjet’s has a great sense of creativity.


And humor.


April fools!


You didn’t think they were serious, did you?


All jokes aside, Blackjet does have some pretty awesome employee benefits including: a casual work atmosphere and dress code, pet-friendly office, summer Friday half days, summer extra-day long weekends, free coffee, free beer a ping pong table, office music sharing, a social space and common area, wall mounted iPads, and amazing office events and excursions. -Shaneza Subhan


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