Cinema du Parc's Midnight Movie Poster Madness

May 17, 2017


Detail of The Holy Mountain poster 


Cinéma du Parc, a local indie theatre in Montreal that features classic and rare films, is introducing midnight screenings for the first time. In order to make its audiences aware of the event, the theatre turned to creative agency Les Évadés.


Art director Martin Dupuis wanted to showcase a personal view of the films in the lineup by combining two unusual characters from a scene.


One film was David Cronenberg’s Videodrome, in which the protagonist, a president of a TV channel, is displeased with his station’s lineup and desperately looks for something that will give him a breakthrough and new audiences. He is then introduced to Videodrome, a plotless television show broadcast out of Malaysia, depicting the torture and murder of anonymous victims. The accompanying poster depicts elements from the movie, including the television and the protagonist at a later stage of the story. 



“The main idea was to choose a scene from the films that involves two characters together, often trying to pick combinations that were not the typical ones,” says Dupuis in a release. “We had fun picking out objects we liked from the films to surround the main image and type out a favourite quote to balance everything out and give context.”


The posters were illustrated by Italian artist Massimiliano di Lauro. “He has a unique cartooning approach that allow[ed] to see these familiar images in a new way,” Dupuis says.


The posters were seen around the movie theatre locations promoting the midnight screenings, and limited copies were sold.—Jyothsna Bulla


Client: Cinéma du Parc
Agency: Les Évadés
Creative Director: Charles Gagnon
Art Director: Martin Dupuis
Illustrator: Massimiliano di Lauro






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