Are You Library People?

November 3, 2017



Whether you’re a bookworm or more of a browser, you probably have some memories involving your local library, even if it was from when you were a kid.


Agency59 is banking on that sentimentality for its "I'm Library People" awareness and fundraising campaign for Toronto Public Library and the Toronto Public Library Foundation.


The idea was to get people to declare their love for the library, whether current or nostalgic.


“Yes, it’s bad grammar—nicely ironic given the client, but this is precisely where some of the magic is created,” says Brian Howlett, chief creative officer at Agency59 and co-copywriter on the campaign. “The rest is courtesy of the design; the multiplicity of typography and palette treatments of “I’m Library People” reflects the city’s diversity, and are, in essence, ‘portraits’ of ‘library people.’”


Agency59 targeted current and past library users and donors, focusing specifically on millennials, with posters and shareable online declarations of what makes you “library people,” such as “I believe my city needs a space for spirited debate.”





“The big, bold statements are intended to intrude upon news feeds and act as badges, creating a ‘loud, visual voice” within the social media environment,” Howlett says. “The ‘people’ graphics give a face and a sense of neighbourhood to the campaign—[making it] urban, on the street, real.”


The campaign was timed to celebrate Canadian Library Month in October but is still ongoing here.




Client: Toronto Public Library Foundation

Agency: Agency59

Creative Director, Design: Deirdre Hughes

CCO/Copywriter: Brian Howlett

Copywriter: Nick Blagrave

Project Lead: Suzanne Porter

Photography: Stock


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