john st. Lets You Eat Pizza in Bed

June 12, 2018



Can pizza get any better? If you’re creative agency john st., then the answer is yes. Their newest innovation for Boston Pizza is a series of limited-edition pizza boxes that turn into self-supporting tables—allowing customers to eat their pizza in bed. The boxes are at the centre of the new “BP in Bed” campaign.



After months of prototypes and collaboration with design packagers and structural engineers, the team came up with a box made entirely out of cardboard (to meet food and safety standards), which has folded legs that lock into place. This design allows the customer to comfortably slide their legs underneath the table. “It’s a simple idea, but a lot of thinking went into making sure it would actually work,” says Paul Little, creative director at john st., in a release. “There were a lot of factors to consider. It had to be high enough not to burn someone’s legs and low enough to comfortably eat off of.”


Along with the box, the team at john st. also created a promotional video, highlighting the transformation from pizza box to tray table. Watch it here:



The boxes are part of a larger campaign to promote Boston Pizza for Father’s Day. To allow customers to get their hands on the limited-edition boxes, Boston Pizza is hosting a national social media contest on Facebook and Twitter. Canadian customers can enter the contest by tagging a father figure in their life in the promotional video.The winners will receive a BP in Bed box plus $100 worth of menu items.



“We’re always looking for new ways to make pizza-eating more fun and convenient for our guests,” says Adrian Fuoco, senior director of marketing for Boston Pizza International. “And with more TVs in bedrooms than ever, and more seasons to binge-watch, now’s the perfect time for this kind of pizza innovation.”


To learn more about the BP in Bed campaign and to enter the contest, click here.—Sabrina Gamrot


July 28, 2018


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