BBDO Toronto Tackles COPD

September 11, 2018



BBDO launches a new awareness campaign.


It’s estimated that 1.6 million of the 3.2 million Canadians living with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) don’t know they have it. To help combat this and bring awareness to COPD, BBDO Toronto has teamed up with The Lung Association-Ontario to create the Unfun Balloon initiative.




“With such a large number of people estimated to be living with COPD who have not yet been diagnosed, it is crucial that we do what we can to ensure they get the treatment they may desperately need,” says George Habib, President and CEO, The Lung Association – Ontario, in a release.


BBDO has centered this awareness campaign around a single balloon, a tool that can be used as a health test for COPD. Those who struggle or cannot blow up the balloon may have COPD systems and should visit to discover the additional symptoms and risk factors of COPD.



This campaign also includes a promotional video, website and transit ads. The Lung Association-Ontario will also mail out balloons to residents of the Greater Toronto area, so that they can take the Unfun Balloon test. However, any balloon would be suitable to take the test. Take a look at the video below.



“Many people have no knowledge of this deadly disease, so we’re glad to partner with the Lung Association of Ontario to help raise awareness,” says Chris Booth, vice-president, associate creative director of BBDO Toronto, in a release. “A simple test can be a life-saver.”


- Sabrina Gamrot


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