Downtown Montreal’s Pantry

Craft Photography - Series


Camille Lauriault (Brad)

Ogilvy Montreal Executive Creative Director: Carle Coppens Art Director: Christian Jomphe, Simon-Charles Couture-Labelle Production Company: Consulat Photographer: Mathieu Lévesque Copywriter: Vanessa Harbec Studio: Anik Bergeron, Patricio Bouey Account Director: Lyne Clermont, Sandra Klein Producer: Maude-Marie Salin De L'Étoile, Sébastien Boyer Set Designer: Rodrigo Sergio, Charlotte Ratel, Ashley Olivieri Culinary Stylist: Chantal Legault Camera/Lighting: Renaud Robert, Don Logan Retoucher: Jonathan Kemp, Mathieu Lévesque

To celebrate the opening of the Artisans market at the Fairmont The Queen Elizabeth hotel in Montreal, a series of three visuals were designed to highlight the freshness and abundance of the food offered by this new gastronomic venue in Montreal. Known as the Downtown Montreal’s Pantry, the market aims to welcome both workers and tourists who seek out new flavours, by offering fresh produce and take-away food.