Posters for Peace

Craft Motion/Animation - Series


Sid Lee

Sid Lee Client: Ivanhoé Cambridge Creative Director: Kristian Manchester Art Director: Nadine Brunet Copywriter: Thierry Faucher Illustrator: Thomas Hedger Graphic Animator: David Leclerc, Raphaël Thibault Laflamme, Félix Arsenault Video Editor: Sarah Bérubé Producer: Marie-Christine Chamberland, Marc Desjardins Sound Design and Mix: Cult Nation

Largely inspired by Marty Kohn's I Want to Live in a Friendly World, this satirical film creates a tension between a utopian world and our harsh reality. The film first presents a flower power universe, quickly replaced by images of war. The ending overlays illustrations and footage, using design as a simple solution to solve bigger problems. The anthem launched Posters for Peace, a design competition that gave artists a voice in late 2017.