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Cossette Client: Humanity & Inclusion Creative Director: Barbara Jacques Art Director: Louis Chapdelaine Writer: Richard Rochette-Villeneuve Art Director: Anne-Marie Clermont Writer: Linda Dawe Project Director: ÈVe-Marie Boutet Project Manager: Charlotte Fabre Planner: Sophie-Annick Vallée, Nathalie Houde Project Manager: Isabelle Beauchemin, Lorraine Grouvel

Handicap International is a leading NGO based in France. The organization was facing a branding issue that undermined its credibility and fundraising activities. Challenge: find a culturally appropriate name and campaign that would be adopted by more than 60 countries. Insight: the organization’s key stakeholders commonly refer to Handicap International as “HI”. Solution: replace the definition of the acronym HI and inject new meaning and inspiration. In 2018, Handicap International became Humanity & Inclusion.