STRAT Awards - Trophy

Craft Illustration - Single


Genevieve Goizioux (Cossette)

Cossette Client: STRAT, Infopresse/APCM Chief Creative Officer: Antoine B├ęcotte Art Direction: Simon Caspar Copywriting: Alexandre Emond Turcotte Production Company: SHED Creative Direction: Janine Hopkinson Art Direction: Leo Breton-Allaire Copywriting: Melanie Delisle Account Executive: Lea Racioppi Strategist: Sophie-Annick Vallee Agency Producer: Maryse Beauregard

Strat Awards is a Canadian contest that recognizes the best marketing communications strategies. To promote the 2015 edition, the unique cement trophy was highlighted. Cut in two, the trophy reveals the mysterious inner world of a great communications strategy, and illustrates the various steps leading to sound strategic thinking. Each level represents one of the official criteria used to judge the pieces submitted to the contest: strategy, insight, creativity, execution, and results.