Grand Jardin de Sainte-Justine



Sid Lee

Sid Lee Client: Delphine Brodeur Art Director: Nadine Brunet Copywriter: Thierry Faucher Designer: Julien Poisson Art Director: Alice Ware Creative Director: Marie-Élaine Benoit Strategist: Sarah Patier Analyst: Jade Abecassis Account Executive: Catherine Lussier Account Director: Anne Richard Urban Designer: Véronique Mondor Architect: Alex Dimas Production: Groupe Têtu

After its expansion phase, Sainte Justine Hospital provided us with freshly painted walls to honour its rich history and to inject life in the halls of its new pavilions. So, we created the Grand Jardin de Sainte-Justine: a playful timeline covering seven immense walls with visual metaphors inspired by life and nature. The Grand Jardin's lively colours and fairylike universe provide an invigorating environment and an escape for employees and patient who need it most.