Fuze Goes (BANG!)

Craft Printing - Series


We created an homage to excess with Fuze Goes Bang! And what better place to experience sensory overload than next to Honest Ed’s, Toronto’s over-the-top department store that’s legendary for its blinking lights and punny hand-painted signs. We created posters in three glossy screen-printed colours and cheeky, hand-painted slogans on balloons hovering over shopping carts overflowing with loot bags full of gumballs and popcorn. Together, they provided a visual Bang! for an epic party.

Leo Burnett, Toronto Chief Creative Officer: Judy John Creative Direction: Lisa Greenberg, Ryan Crouchman Designer: Ryan Crouchman Typographer: Ryan Crouchman Copywriting: Josh Budd Illustration: Pierre Bourjo Photography: Arash Moallemi