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Cossette Global Chief Creative Officer: Peter Ignazi Art Director: Spencer Dingle Writer: Jordan Hamer Art Director: David Théroux Writer: Philippe Brassard Global Chief Creative Officer: Carlos Moreno Senior Designer: Oleg Portnoy Designer: Corey Way Senior Production Artist: Graham Washer Senior Retoucher: Trevor Gauthier Studio Director: Raquel Mullen Account Coordinator: Megan Smith Account Executive: Valerie Mascarin Account Director: Nicole Bakker Group Account Director: Geoff Wilton SVP, Managing Director: Kathy McGuire Media Agency: OMD, Novus Client: McDonald's Restaurants of Canada

McDonald’s is one of the most recognizable and consistent brands in the world. But many of the signs directing you to their restaurants are surprisingly inconsistent. So to create a new wayfinding system, we noticed that the directions were already right there in the logo. By cropping the golden arches into a directional path, we created a functional, unified design system that is immediately recognizable around the world with only a fraction of the logo.