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Cossette Global Chief Creative Officer: Peter Ignazi Art Director: Spencer Dingle Writer: Jordan Hamer Art Director: David Théroux Writer: Philippe Brassard Global Chief Creative Officer: Carlos Moreno Senior Designer: Oleg Portnoy Designer: Corey Way Senior Production Artist: Graham Washer Senior Retoucher: Trevor Gauthier Studio Director: Raquel Mullen Account Coordinator: Megan Smith Account Executive: Valerie Mascarin Account Director: Nicole Bakker Group Account Director: Geoff Wilton SVP, Managing Director: Kathy McGuire Media Agency: OMD, Novus Client: McDonald's Restaurants of Canada

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McDonald’s is one of the most recognizable and consistent brands in the world. But many of the signs directing you to their restaurants are surprisingly inconsistent. So to create a new wayfinding system, we noticed that the directions were already right there in the logo. By cropping the golden arches into a directional path, we created a functional, unified design system that is immediately recognizable around the world with only a fraction of the logo.