Write for Your Rights

Pro Bono Design - Single



Winner: Cossette Client: Amnesty International Photographer: Christian Tremblay (SOMA) Producer: Geneviève Cabana-Proulx (SOMA) Assistant Photographer: Don Loga (SOMA) Creative Director: Geneviève Duquette Art Director: Alexandre Jutras Global Chief Creative Officer: Carlos Moreno, Peter Ignazi VP Creative Advertising: Anne-Claude Chénier Copywriter: Philippe Brassard Art Director: Simon-Charles Couture-Labelle, Emmanuelle Néron (SOMA) Photo Retoucher: Jonathan Kemp (SOMA) Account Director: Olivier Charbonneau Account Manager: Florence Girard-Leblanc Media Group Director: Hélène Gingras (Cossette Média) Media Planner: Laura Boily-Auclair (Cossette Média) Graphic Artist: Maxime Bluteau

Amnesty International’s writing marathons get results: 124 of the 161 imprisoned people that the organization advocated for between 2000 and 2018 were freed. That’s a release rate of more than 75%. The 2018 edition was truly exceptional. It focused on 10 women facing prison sentences, harassment and death threats because they had stood up for human rights in their communities.