Directions 2017

Public Service/Charity Design - Series


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lg2 Client: The Advertising & Design Club of Canada Creative Director: Claude Auchu, David Kessous Graphic Designer: Josée Martineau, Grégoire Gérardin Layout Artist: Marie-Pier Daigle Copywriter: Stuart Macmillan Account Director: Ingrid Roussel Account Manager: Annie Woang Production Manager: Geneviève Demers Printing Company: Flash Reproductions

The ADCC celebrates the best in Canadian creativity at their annual Directions award show. To promote the 2017 edition, we interviewed award-winning creatives and discovered a simple insight. Creating great work is really hard. Our campaign theme: Celebrating the improbability of greatness. The campaign was comprised of three printed pieces, all within a design system that was stripped back to be as simple as possible, putting all of the focus on the concept.