Efflorescence & id

Artist/Design Firm Promotions - Single/Series


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e: fishes@fishten.net

Design Studio: Fishten Design: Kelly Hartman Design: Giles Woodward Creative Direction: Kelly Hartman Creative Direction: Giles Woodward Art Direction: Kelly Hartman Art Direction: Giles Woodward Copywriting: Andy Fabo Copywriting: Joanne Marion Photography: Simon Glass Photography: Brock Silversides Printing: Stylecraft Printing Client: Medicine Hat Museum and Art Gallery

To directly relate to physicality’s inherent within the artist own work, a tactile exhibition catalogue was produced using embroidered fabric and printed, embossed Tyvek for the covers. The side stitched binding sewn by a local cobbler, creates an appropriate, yet unique ?one-off? quality for the publication.