Boston Pizza - Deadlivery

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john st.
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Winner: john st. Chief Creative Officer: Angus Tucker Executive Creative Director: Paul Little Copywriter: Maddie Rosenberg Art Director: Ela Kallonen Team Lead: Ryan O'Hagan Account Director: Caitlin Bourada Account Supervisor: Emily Farncomb Planner: Trevor Thomas, Jay Fleming

Nothing screams Halloween like summoning the dead. And what’s the best way to summon the dead? A deadlivery Ouija board. To promote Boston Pizza’s Halloween delivery, we turned our pizza box into a Ouija board. We printed all the letters, numbers, and words from the traditional game on the inside of the box. And for the planchette that tells you what the dead are saying? Just use a pizza slice. Deadlivery ended up not only raising awareness for BP's delivery but also their innovation.