TING: Technology and Democracy

Environmental/Signage - Series


The participatory exhibition TING invites visitors to explore and discuss the complex relationships between technology and democracy. The centerpiece of the exhibition is the grand amphitheater-like space of the TING that is formed by the interactive TING table and shelf (25x5m) that displays 100 objects from the museum’s permanent collection. Visitors explore the shelf with the interactive tablets or by placing a basic wooden block, a haptic tool, on the table to trigger digital interactions.

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Email: caseylynn@raai.com

Ralph Appelbaum Associates, Inc. Client: Norsk Teknisk Museum Media Agency Planner: TAMSCHICK MEDIA+SPACE GmbH Curator: Tone Rasch Senior Curator: Henrik Treimo Design Director: Timothy Ventimiglia Creative Direction: Marc Tamschick Content Developer: Vanessa Offen Graphic Designer: Sharmila Sandrasegar Production Manager: Tobias Ziegler Art Direction: Natalie Van Sasse Van Ysselt, Marc Osswald Sound Design: BLUWI Music & Sounddesign GbR, Stefan Will Photography: Manfred Vogel Project Manager: Karin Knott