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lg2 Client: Partenariat du Quartier des spectacles Vice-President, Creative Director: Claude Auchu Creative Director, Design: ÉLise Cropsal Creative Director, Digital Experience: Nicolas Baldovini Graphic Designer: Jean-Philippe Dugal Art Director, Interactive: Vincent Bélanger Copywriter, Interactive: Jean-François Perreault Layout Artist: Marie-Pier Daigle Performance Strategist: Raphaël Calgaro User Experience: Joël Auchu Account Director: Ingrid Roussel Account Manager: Marion Haimon, Julie Doré-Renaud, Olivia Cohen, Stéphanie Pellicer, ÉVelyne Harnois-Lebeau Photographer: Shoot Studio 3D Animator: Shed 2D Animator: Jean-François Clermont Digital Solution Architect: Jean-François Picard Digital Developer: Raphaëlle Cantin, Philippe Vigier, Mathieu Lavoie, François Perreault

As part of Montréal’s 375th anniversary, the Quartier des spectacles created KM3: a sprawling, interactive public art walk. A flexible and scalable event identity was created to inspire a sense of surprise and discovery amongst the public. While upholding graphic elements of the main brand, in particular the typography, a new logo and graphic language based on the concept of the larger-than-life walk were developed.