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GRDN/L'Éloi Art Director: GRDN Creative Director: GRDN Strategist: GRDN Photographer: L'Éloi, L'Éloi Set Design: Caravane/L'Éloi Production: L'Éloi Assistant Photographer: Alexis Belhumeur, William Cole Digital Assistant: Jeremy Bobrow, Stéphane Losq Stylist: Frédérique Gauthier, Folio Model: Folio, Dietrich Mibel-Jean Baptiste Retoucher: Pénélope St-Cyr-Robitaille Assistant Rotoucher: Yuna Kersalé

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Vert is a high-end Quebec cannabis producer owned by Canopy Growth Corporation. Determined to produce the best cannabis in the province, the organization has given us the mandate to design an identity for its imminent launch in Quebec. In addition to communicating the coexistence of the medical and recreational nature of cannabis, our main challenge was to shift perceptions of a product of an emerging industry with few benchmarks.