Google Deep City

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Kari Fry (HUSH)
t: 718-422-1537

HUSH Creative Partner: David Schwarz Technical Partner: Erik Karasyk Design Director: David Lehman Technology Director: Justin Martin Senior Producer: Eloise Murphy Design Intern: Andrew Galloway Architectural Design Intern: Maya Sasson Tehnology Intern: Sam Li Systems Designer: Adam Kruckenberg Case Study Producer: Kari Fry Producer: Caitlin DeAngelis Executive Producer: Alice Oakhill Case Study Exec. Producer: Sara Varagas Creative Director: Graham Hill Designer: Antares Yee, Glenn Chan Senior Designer: Wael Morcos Designer: Joel Fear Creative Coder: Ying Yi Wang Creative Technologist: Ivan Safrin Developer: Paul Houx Creative Coder: Blake Rutledge Copywriter: Jo Ring Client: Google Senior Interactive Producer: Jess Harris-DiStefano Creative Technologist: Alex Samuels Head of Creative Business Partnerships: Seth Barron Head of Creative: Rudi Anggono Creative Director: Kim Snow Creative Strategist: Brian Moroz Project Coordinator: Lauren Perez LEED AP | Project Manager: Thomas Bernard Real Estate Project Executive NYC: Adam Lutz Facilities Manager REWS - Google NYC: Molly Zinzi JLL Assistant Site Manager - Vendor Partner: Kevin Deodath Technical Program Manager: Erick Sanchez Fabrication Partner: Situ Fabrication Partner: Basar Girit Project Manager: Ben Duarte AV Partner - Passage: SenovvA Executive Producer: Tristan Valencia Project Manager: Thomas Haggerty AV Partner - City Cave & Sidewalk: 5163 Owner: Sergey Rekutin

ContextCommunicate Google’s ability to transform human data into rich, personalized experiences through a series of powerful, one-of-a-kind interactions.ChallengeCreate a holistic, executive-level experience in Google’s NYC headquarters that inspires guests with the power of their own data and advanced technology.Experience“Deep City” is a three part installation – The Passage, The City Cave, The Skywalk – that records a guest’s data through gesture, movement and voice to generate an informational and artistic record of their personal journey.