RGD DesignThinkers Videos

Promotional Design Digital - Series


The idea of ‘The Awakening’ for the DesignThinkers conference 2014 was based on aliens descending upon the earth to reprogram the minds of designers and draw out-of-this-world inspiration. Designers were urged to attend to elevate their minds, or they would be left behind.These online videos were created to convince the industry that only those who attended would be enlightened.

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Website: taxi.ca

TAXI Creative Direction: Dave Watson Designer: Kammy Singh, Kimberley Pereira, Ashley O'Driscoll, Jon Barnes Copywriting: Trevor Aune Illustration: Andrew Kolb Editor: Tyler Strahl, Jared Cook Account Manager: Sabrina Zavarise Producer: Sharon Yokoyama Print Producer: Laura Dubcovsky Mac Artist: Dave Kinsella, Pam Cohen