Alfalfabet Poster

Typographic Poster - Single


This limited edition poster was inspired by the “impossible objects” of Reutersvärd, Escher, and the Penroses. Designed for the lifestyle brand Alfalfa New York, the poster expresses the “impossible” ability of 26 letters to generate an infinite number of ideas and worlds.From A to Z, the letterforms of Alfalfabet trick the eye with the illusion of 3D shapes that shift perspective in paradoxical ways. Like a riddle, Alfalfabet feels both playful and profound.

Voice: 212-629-9550
Website: http://alfalfastudio.com/
Email: inquiries@alfalfastudio.com

Alfalfa Studio Creative Director: Rafael Esquer Graphic Designer: Merel Brouns, Guillaume Boucher, Calum Harbison, Daniel Broun