Red Bull Music Academy Montreal 2016 - collaterals

Design Miscellaneous - Series


Jean-Sebastien Baillat (Studio Baillat)
t: 514-889-1853

Studio Baillat Art Director: Jean-Sebastien Baillat Graphic Designer: Louis Dollé Project Manager: Veronique Lagassé Graphic Designer: Maxime Soucy, Maxime Brunelle, Catherine Tessier, Elizabeth Laferrière, Yvan Belisle Illustrator: Aaron Kaufman Photographer: Nik Mirus

To communicate the 70 Academy participants all the relevant information about the RBMA Montréal, different booklets were created, using foil cover, mixing the key visual to assure a continuity with the entire RBMA campaign, with all its trippy visual effects. This collection of booklets contains programming of the festival including workshops and conferences, city of Montreal guide, biography of all the participants and masters, art catalog for pieces created for the Academy and art map.