Red Bull Music Academy Montreal 2016

Entire Design Program


Jean-Sebastien Baillat (Studio Baillat)
t: 514-889-1853

Studio Baillat Art Director: Jean-Sebastien Baillat Creative Media Strategist: Marc-Andre Chaput Graphic Designer: Louis Dollé Project Manager: Veronique Lagassé, Marie-Eve Methot Motion Graphics Artist: Andreanne Dumont, Patrick Trudeau Graphic Designer: Maxime Soucy, Maxime Brunelle, Catherine Tessier, Elizabeth Laferrière, Graphiques Lux, Yvan Belisle Copywriter: Pierre Laramée Web Developer: Mike Guppy Animator: Vincent Raineri Stylist: Camille Boyer Animator: Sindre Ulvik-Peladeau Graphic Designer: Capucine Labarthe Illustrator: Aaron Kaufman, Stephane Poirier, Pony, Kate Puxley Photographer: Nik Mirus, Simon Duhamel, LM Chabot, Alexandre Isard, Aki Sukita

The Red Bull Music Academy Montreal 2016 campaign visuals featured a random mix of photographs, illustrations and 3D renderings from local artists in a post-futuristic layering and stripping away of form and color. The campaign was meant to evoke the improbable cohabitation of divergent images and aesthetics, from the youthful energy of the local music scene to 21st century abstract minimalism. The works of art created for RBMA were displayed in multiple formats throughout Montréal.