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Veer offers photography, illustration, type, and motion – a hand-picked selection of elements to inspire creativity. Driven by design, Veer’s industry-leading web site embodies both functionality and a unique aesthetic. Featuring a clean interface, interactive tools, The Skinny blog, and designer-friendly merchandise, Veer.com meets the needs of the creative community on all fronts.

Voice: 877-297-7900
Website: www.veer.com
Email: service@veer.com

Creative Direction: Sheldon Popiel Art Direction: Bryce Beresh Design: Dan Parry Writers: Berenice Gargus, Mark Hamilton, Anders Svensson Interface Design: Issa Breibish, Grant Hutchinson Programming: Yuval Kordov Editor: Jon Parker Winning Company: Veer Elements For Creativity

Winning Website: www.veer.com