Unidentified Flying Planetarium

Young Blood Advertising - Single


With so many competing attractions, locals had all but forgotten about Vancouver’s HR MacMillan Planetarium. With a budget of only a $13,000, we rekindled people’s interest by perpetrating a world-class UFO hoax. We built a remote-controlled drone modeled after the Planetarium to create credible “sightings” around Vancouver. Footage was captured and seeded online. After a press release revealed the Planetarium’s role in the Hoax, the story spread worldwide, generating over $3 million in earned media.

Company: MacLaren McCann Creative Direction: Hagan Ainsworth Associate Creative Direction: Chris Moore Art Direction: Chris Moore Copywriting: Hagan Ainsworth, Greg Kieltyka Account Director: Glen Mitchell Designer: Chris Moore, William Macdonald, Ailton Henriques Client: Rob Appleton Photography: Chris Moore, Alexander Close, Craig Fleisch Media Manager: Michele Penz Agency Planner: John Hall, Alexander Close Production Company: Chris Chong Editor: Chris Chong Music/Sound: Murmur at the Warehouse Compositor: Murmur at the Warehouse Agency Producer: Ann Rubenstein Developer: Alexander Close Project Manager: Ann Rubenstein, Alexander Close